Some Various and Sundry Reviews of our Operas

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The following are some reviews we have received in the past for our period instrument operas:


The producer, John Ostendorf (who provides an extremely free
translation), has assembled an exceptionally good cast without a
single weak member, mostly from stalwarts of his previous Handel
recordings for Newport Classic. Recitatives, often the weak point in
performances of baroque operas, are handled meaningfully throughout,
with intelligent timing and asides given proper perspective; and all
the singers decorate do capo sections of arias (often with very free
final cadenzas). Julianne Baird produces a lovely pure sound (she
might have appeared more indignant in her very first aria, though
later she is properly spirited), and at the risk of seeming invidious,
mention must be made of the sterling contributions of Jennifer Lane).

…recording is very stylish and fluently sung. Julianne Baird is well
cast in the role of Vespetta, youthful-sounding, coquettish and
appropriately waspish as well. Intonation is variable but her lively
characterization and pleasing vocal timbre are a constant delight.
John Ostendorf turns in an endearing performance…Gramophon  12/89

“The breathtaking pure, lovely Julianne Baird, would be enough reason
for listening to Handel’s rarely performed Berenice.” **** (four
stars) CD Review, 1994

Review Highlights

Julianne Baird as Emira in Handel’s Siroe


“… brilliantly sung on this recording by Julianne Baird, a bright
voiced soprano with unusual flexibility and a terrific trill.”
Boston Patriot Ledger (March 1991)
“Julianne Baird is a fine fresh voice.”
American Record Guide (Aug 1991)
“Baird touches the heart not only with the gently plaintive quality of
her voice, but with her way of executing trills and ornaments…  Her
execution is so natural and graceful that the athletic aspect
ornamentation is virtually absent: one is aware only of some new
aspect being brought to the repeat section of the aria.”
Opera News (November 1995)


re, lovely Julianne Baird, would be enough reason for listening to
Handel’s rarely performed Berenice.” **** (four stars)
CD Review



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