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Stravinsky, Igor + Rachmaninoff, Sergei: Le Sacre (NAD10002)

Stravinsky, Igor + Rachmaninoff, Sergei: Le Sacre (NAD10002)

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The Pasadena Symphony, Jorge Mester, Conductor - 20Bit, BinAural Gold Recording
From the May 1997 issue of the respected monthly audio newsletter BOUND FOR SOUND. Reprinted with permission - Martin DeWulf, reviewer:

"This recording is a turning point that may spell out the future for recording techniques as we know them."
Stravinsky: Le Sacre; Rachmaninoff: Symphony Dances, Pasadena Symphony cond. by Jorge Mester (Newport Classic AUricle NAD10002)
Recording of Exceptional Merit, Sonic Blockbuster.
I haven't heard a classical demonstration disc like this in years. If you are looking for a recording that will stretch the envelope of what your system can do at all frequencies and at all dynamic ranges, with tones as right as rain, this is your CD. Years back Telarc came out with a series of CD's that had the audio world buzzing about the explosive dynamics they were able to put to vinyl and CD. But I haven't heard a real good Telarc lately, and the midrange on those recordings was lacking in many respects. In terms of extremes, this recording by Newport Classic AUricle is so far ahead of those old Telarcs that a point by point comparison would be a waste of time. And get this: It's a Binaural recording. But wait, while this recording does do some amazing, almost unbelievable things when listened to on a set of headphones, it sounds every bit as good when listened to through pair of speakers.
...This recording is a turning point that may spell out the future for recording techniques as we know them. It's amazing, simply amazing, how realistic and audibly pure this recording is...[This is] only the beginning for a new breed of binaural CD's that will have heads turning on audiophiles everywhere soon. Instead of buying a new amp or preamp, buy something that you can afford that will have a greater impact on your listening experience...Treat yourself by calling...and ordering this CD as a present for YOU (and your spouse will love it that your audiophile thirst was appeased by a purchase of only $25). If the live event is your bag, this CD will wipe you out!